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MPs give Truth team Another nine months

Daily Nation, pg 6
Wednesday, 21 Nov 2012

Kenyans will not know the findings of the truth team before the next General Election. The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission’s term has been extended by a further nine months to enable it to complete its report. P

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Truth Team Seeks yet another Extension

Daily Nation pg 20
Sunday, 11 Nov 2012

The term of the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) might be extended by a further nine months although it is yet to hand in its findings four years down the line. Another new lease on life for the commission, whos

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TJRC seeks more time to finish Writing Report

Standard Pg 13
Tuesday, 30 Oct 2012

Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) chairman Bethwel Kipkagat has appealed to parliament to grant the commission a nine month extension to complete its mandate. KIplagat said close to 50,000 people have been named a

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Truth team’s Plea for more Time Rejected.

Daily Nation pg 5
Thursday, 04 Oct 2012

Parliament has refused to give the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission nine more months to conclude its job.  MPs on Wednesday said the team was notorious in seeking extensions. The chairman of the Constitutional Imp

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Truth Team Defends Calls for more Time

Standard Pg 21
Sunday, 09 Sep 2012

The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) is appealing for more time to complete its work, saying it has made significant progress in the execution of its mandate. “We have collected 42,000 statements from the

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TJRC awaits extension Approval by Parliament

The Star, Pg 5
Friday, 31 Aug 2012

The Truth team whose legal time for writing its final report expired on August 3rd and it is still waiting for parliament to approve its extension. The cabinet had approved a nine month extension for the commission. The commission

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Parliament Extends TJRC term

Daily Nation, Pg 12
Wednesday, 08 Aug 2012

The Parliament has approved the extension of the term of the TJRC  for a period of three months. The Justice Minister Eugene Wamalwa tabled a report on the work the commission has done since it inception and asked the team be

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TJRC Final Report out Next Month

The Star, Pg 8
Wednesday, 25 Jul 2012

The TJRC is working to complete its report next month. Commissioners and technical staff are in Mombasa working on the report which is supposed to be handed to the President On August 3rd. TJRC chair Bethwel Kiplagat has skipped s

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