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30 years of HIV in Kenya - a special report by DN2

Daily Nation DN2
Monday, 01 Dec 2014

Over the last 30 years, HIV has evolved from a mysterious virus to the biggest public health concern

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Photo exhibition documents 30 years of HIV

The Standard pg. 10
Saturday, 29 Nov 2014

In January 1985, Kenyans woke up to this screaming headline, "Killer Sex Disease in Kenya".

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Police accused of choking war on HIV/AIDS by destroying condoms

The Standard pg. 11
Thursday, 24 Jul 2014

They routinely collect them from distributors and users in the guise of fighting prostitution which is illegal in the country. The Kenya Police and others from five countries were the subject of some very unkind words at the ongoi

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Clandestine abortions shoot up as practitioners suspend guidelines

The Standard Wednesday Life pg. 8&9
Wednesday, 23 Jul 2014

As the Ministry of Health seeks consensus with stakeholders on new laws, more women and girls continue to procure backstreet abortions that greatly risk their lives.

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Kenya’s drive to fight virus applauded

Daily Nation pg. 9
Wednesday, 23 Jul 2014

A new report yesterday commended Kenya’s campaigns to put HIV patients on treatment.

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Is 10 the new 18?

Eve Woman -Standard pg. 8&9
Saturday, 19 Jul 2014

The Reproductive Health Services Bill tabled recently in Parliament sent shock waves through education circles and brought parenting to the limelight. But is the issue of age of sexual consent what we should be looking at?

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With too many mouths to feed, Kenya headed for trouble

Daily Nation DN2 pg. 2 and 3
Monday, 21 Jul 2014

....But a high, rapidly growing population comes with challenges that pervade the country at all levels. At the most basic level, it means that Kenya has more mouths to feed, more to house and more to provide jobs for. A high popu

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Doctor ordered to pay relatives of woman who died during operation

Daily Nation pg. 11
Friday, 18 Jul 2014

Njoki Ng’ethe a mother of three, unexpectedly developed complications on April 12, 2008

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