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Where Midwives Thrive In Spite of Maternity Fee Waiver

The Standard pg 18
Monday, 21 Apr 2014

Women from a village in Mumias still continue to seek the services of a Traditional Birth Attendant despite free maternity services.

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Migration of Nurses Dips by 37pc

The Standard pg 8
Friday, 18 Apr 2014

According to the Kenya Nursing Workforce Report, the number of nurses leaving the country for greener pastures abroad has significantly reduced in recent years.

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Alarm Raised Over Labs Run By Quacks

The Standard pg 21
Tuesday, 15 Apr 2014

A survey by The Standard has revealed that there are a number of dubious laboratory results being churned out by laboratories operated by quacks around the country.

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Jubileeā€™s Free Maternity Project Faces Unexpected Obstacles

The Standard pg 12
Thursday, 10 Apr 2014

The simmering disconnects among health workers and the government could undermine Jubilee’s free maternity project that has been showing some good progress

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Birth Control Controversy Rages on

The People pg 19, 20, 21
Wednesday, 09 Apr 2014

A recent move by government to vaccinate women with tetanus vaccine was met with resistance by Catholic bishops who claimed that it was a move to introduce birth control.

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Macharia Appeals for Local HIV-Aids Funds

The Star pg 8
Wednesday, 09 Apr 2014

James Macharia, Cabinet Secretary for health is appealing for domestic financing for HIV/Aids programmes to end donor dependency.

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Small Bite Big Threat

Daily Nation DN2 pg 1,2,3
Monday, 07 Apr 2014

As the World health day is marked this year, we are reminded of pest little insects like mosquitoes and tse tse flies that continue to cause diseases and deaths to many people living in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Experts Raise Alarm Over Climate Change

Daily Nation pg 11
Wednesday, 02 Apr 2014

A UN report released recently is warning that global warming could lead to food shortages and expose Kenyans to more diseases.

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