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Kiplagat Risks Going to Jail for Snubbing TJRC Summons

The Standard, Pg 4
Friday, 23 Mar 2012

Ambassador Kiplagat risks being sent to jail for one year or fined sh100, 000 for declining to appear before the TJRC to take the witness stand on land grabbing allegations. He informed the commission through his lawyer that he wi

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Ministers Linked to TJRC Woes

Daily Nation, Pg 10
Friday, 09 Mar 2012

Influential people in government linked to past attrocities are behind the wrangles the TJRC is facing. They include ministers, their assistants and senior technocrats who have been frustrating the work of the commission to ensure

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Summon All to Testify at TJRC Hearings

Saturday Nation, Pg 13
Saturday, 10 Mar 2012

Gabriel Dolan argues that the reaction by Kenyans of the horrendous crimes committed to the Nyayo torture survivors was inadequate. Hardly did people call for accountability or aplogy from the Moi government. This apathy is unfort

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All the TJRC Commissioners should Resign

Daily Nation, Pg 13
Thursday, 01 Mar 2012

Zacharia Chiliswa says the TJRC is still struggling with its past, ghosts that it was supposed to help exorcise. The leadership wrangles at the helm negate the ideals of reconciliation. The commissioners are seem committed to unde

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Standard Group Asks TJRC to Dig Out Answers on 2006 Raid

The Standard, Pg 6
Friday, 24 Feb 2012

The Standard Group has asked the TJRC to investigate and ascertain the reasons and persons behind the 2006 raid on its facilities. The group also wants to know where the taken equipment was taken and the foreigners involved in the

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Kiplagat Free to Resume Duties

Saturday Nation, Pg 11
Saturday, 25 Feb 2012

Ambassador Bethwel Kiplagat has cleared by by the High Court to resume duties by the High Court. Justice Mohammed Warsame ruled that the TJRC commissioners have not established arguable grounds to warrant granting leave to stop Ki

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Truth Team Vows to Fight Kiplagat Return

Daily Nation, Pg 5
Tuesday, 28 Feb 2012

Acting TJRC chair Tecla Namachanja has said that the commission will not cooperate or work with Kiplagat until all allegations against him are cleared through a transparent and credible process. The commission has further instruct

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Disabled are Denied Jobs, TJRC Told

Daily Nation, Pg 8
Friday, 17 Feb 2012

The National Council of Persons with Disability told the TJRC that unemployment, inadequate funding and discrimination are some of the chalelnges facing 3.5 million people living with disability in Kenya. Its director Phoebe Nyagu

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