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Calls to Hold Coast TJRC Hearing

The Star, Pg 11
Monday, 13 Feb 2012

Ilishe Trust wants the TJRC to to have another sitting for coast residents. It says the previous one was done cadually and without seriousness and the process was not transparent. The organization said that the hearings were rushe

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TJRC Cites Meddling from Kiplagat

Daily Nation, Pg 9
Tuesday, 07 Feb 2012

TJRC wants Kiplagat stopped from interfering with its work. Its members claim they cannot carry on with their mandate because Kiplagat has been interfering and intimidating staff and demanding access to the report they are compili

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Kenyans Feel Marginalised, Says Truth Commission

Daily Nation, Pg 9
Friday, 03 Feb 2012

The TJRC has said that most Kenyans feel they have been marginalised on one way or th other. TJRC commissioner Tom Ojienda said this while attending the Nairobi public hearings which focused on ethnic tensions. Some suggestions of

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We are Neglected, Teso Community Tells TJRC

The Standard, Pg 26
Wednesday, 01 Feb 2012

The Teso community has accused the government of marginalisation. The residents complained of poor health services as they only have one district hospital. The dispensaries in the area are also very few hence this affects their pr

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TJRC Told Police Raided, Evicted Communities

The Standard, Pg 4
Wednesday, 30 Nov -0001

Kiunga residents in Lamu told the TJRC that officers from the General Service Unit posed as bandits and invaded homes of Bajuni and Boni ethnic groups. The officers allegedly burned their houses 40 years ago.

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I will Vie Irrepsective of ICC Decision - Ruto

The Star, Pg 3
Friday, 20 Jan 2012

MP William Ruto has vowed to continue with his presidencial bid even if the ICC confirms charges against him. He dismissed views that the new constitution bars him from vying for the top seat. Ruto was emphatic that he is still in

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TJRC Team Seek to Block Kiplagat from Office

The Star, Pg 4
Thursday, 12 Jan 2012

TJRC members are against its suspended chairman being reinstated. The commission has filed an urgent case in court and wants the tribunal formed to investigate Kiplagat be allowed to complete its tasks before Kiplagat can be allow

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25 Suffering IDPs Sue for their Human Rights

Weekend Star, Pg 4
Saturday, 26 Nov 2011

25 IDPs, some who say are HIV-positive have sued the government for neglect and violation of their rights. The 25 accuse the government of violating their rights by failing to resettle them and are demanding to be compensated. The

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