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Fresh start for regions as ward chiefs prepare to take oath, elect speakers

Daily Nation pg 18
Friday, 22 Mar 2013

The road to devolution starts on Friday with the swearing in of members of county assemblies in the country’s 47 counties. Most of the county assemblies have taken over what used to be city, municipal or county council offic

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State and county staff scramble for offices and homes

Daily Nation pg 18
Wednesday, 20 Mar 2013

Officers from National Government and those from County Government in various counties have clashed over offices meant to accommodate the governor. Following the difference the Nandi County commissioner Mrs Mathirita Shakwa and Na

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Mutunga urges Kenyans to defend gains from Constitution

Standard Pg 6
Monday, 18 Mar 2013

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has said the Constitution must be protected because Kenyans had paid the price paid for democracy to flourish in the country. He said the efforts made in the struggle to reform the constitution could no

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PM, ministers in office ‘illegally’

Daily Nation pg 72
Friday, 15 Mar 2013

Nearly the entire Cabinet, including Prime Minister Raila Odinga, will immediately lose their positions if President Kibaki endorses expert advice that the officials are in office illegally. Commission for the Implementation of th

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Council workers to retain jobs under devolved units

Daily Nation pg 11
Thursday, 14 Mar 2013

All workers under the defunct local authorities will now be absorbed by county governments. Transitional Authority boss Kinuthia Wamwangi told the Nation Wednesday that Local Government accounts would soon be closed and funds tran

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Governors and transition team start search for offices

Daily Nation pg 9
Friday, 08 Mar 2013

Governors-elect are working with the transition authority to get offices for the new teams and prepare for their swearing-in. Transitional Authority chairman Kinuthia wa Mwangi on Thursday said his office was coordinating the acti

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Constitution remains top poll agenda as Kenyans vote

Standard Pg 13
Monday, 04 Mar 2013

Since the country began agitating for expanded democratic space, elections after every five years have been dominated by various agendas. Often, aspirants identify a particular issue and use it to win over voters. In 1992, the cla

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Transition Authority sends staff to Counties ahead of Devolution

Standard Pg 7
Monday, 04 Mar 2013

The Transition Authority has already deployed staff to counties in readiness for the devolved government. Forming this aspect is the devolved units, complete with the Executive and Legislative arm. Thus the 47 counties now await t

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