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CIC Team Recalls Two Crucial Bills

The Standard, Pg 8
Tuesday, 18 Jan 2011

The Commission on the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) has recalleed two Bills tabled in parliament and ordered them republished as required by the new laws. The commission rejected the Judicial Services Bill 2010 and the

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House Resumes in Bid to Beat Deadlines

Sunday Nation, Pg 19
Sunday, 16 Jan 2011

Parliament will cut short its break to resume its business and fast track the implementation of the constituion among other reform agenda items on its plate. At least 16 Bills must be passed to implement the constitution and other

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Implementation of Law to Decide Kibaki´┐Ż??s Legacy

Sunday, 19 Dec 2010

The implementation of the constitution fully will best determine president Kibaki’s legacy. Kibaki has had mixed fortunes in his time at president and while it is in his tenure that a new law was enacted, he was not enthusia

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