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Tribunal´┐Ż??s Date with Kiplagat

Sunday Nation, Pg 48
Wednesday, 30 Nov -0001

The tribunal established to investigate Kiplagat will serve him with the allegations against him. The tribunal chaired by retired High Court judge Onesmus Murungi has until April 29 to give recommendations on its findings.

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TJRC Hearings to Start in Northern Region

Daily Nation, Pg 16
Tuesday, 01 Feb 2011

The TJRC will begin its hearings in nothern Kenya next month. Acting chair Tecla Namachanja said the hearings will contie non-stop across the country until September. The commission has finalised ivestigations, analysis and select

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Activists Now want TJRC Disbanded

The People, Pg 6
Tuesday, 01 Feb 2011

Human rights activist are now calling for the disbandment of the TJRC to give way for a review of the Act and relaunch of the process. The Kenya Transitional Justice Network said there are numerous flaws that are currently encumbe

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Truth Commission´┐Ż??s Head of Research Calls it a Day

The Star, Pg 8
Thursday, 27 Jan 2011

The head of research at the TJRC has quit. Dr. Godfrey Musila joins Kenyatta university’s school of law.

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MP Demands Funding for TJRC

The Standard, Pg 24
Thursday, 27 Jan 2011

MP Mohammed Affey has accused the government of trying to kill the TJRC by not releasing funds to oil its operations. He said this is very unfortunate because the TJRC forms part of Agenda Four reform items that need to be tackled

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Kibaki Told to Solve TJRC Saga to Promote Healing

The People, Pg 14
Monday, 24 Jan 2011

The Kalenjin council of elders have petitioned president Kibaki to intervene and resolve the issues facing the cash-strapped TJRC to save it from disintegrating further. They asked him to use his wisdom and political goodwill and

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Wahofia Tume Haitafikia Lengo

Taifa Jumapili, Ukurasa 3
Sunday, 23 Jan 2011

Tume ya Ukweli na Maridhiano inayokumbwa na ukosefu wa pesa inaendelea kuzama baada ya wadau wakuu kutoa tahadhari kwamba haitatimiza jukumu lake. Waziti wa Haki Mutula Kilonzo, KNCHR na waathiriwa wa dhuluma, wameonya kuwa ripoti

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Truth Body to Get Cracking Next Month

Daily Nation, Pg 13
Friday, 21 Jan 2011

George Marenya and Paul Amina agree that justice is not easy to archieve and where cases have taken too long to be dealt, it can get worse. The TJRC is keen to ensure it makes it right in its attempts to restor dignity and hope to

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