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Google Fusion Tables: Adding a chart to map information window

Once data has been cleaned and uploaded to Google Fusion Tables, it is important that readers comprehend both the map and the data displayed about each geographical region when selected. A chart is one of the ways used to represent this region-by-region data for the readers. Google Charts make it possible to create interactive dynamic charts for the readers. » Read more

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Exploring the Use of Google Fusion Tables

Lots of media houses today take advantage of the power of Google in Fusing Tables to create interactive maps of data. It helps web viewers gain insight into information available on the map by fusing a geographical border file and data organized by those same geographical units. » Read more

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Telling data stories with maps

Simple visualizations make large amounts of data easy to understand at a glance, allowing readers to engage more directly with the data. Choropleth maps are an iconic example of presenting data using colour intensity to illustrate prevalence rates. For example, blue signifies the high chance a child raised in the bottom fifth rose to the top fifth while red shows low chances.

In Climbing Income Ladder, Location Matters

But the process of making these maps is not straight-forward for non-developers. The journalist needs to evaluate the amount of detail given and whether the designer followed these steps in deciding what data to include in the map. » Read more