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Failed healthcare promises, the human cost of abortion limitations and the need for access to contraceptive to prevent unsafe abortions were some of the big stories in the Nation, the Standard and the Star in November.
The journalists who told these stories, delivering the biggest week in Data Journalism in Kenya, will share their experiences mining data, conceiving and delivering the stories in accessible and visualized formats.. The data journalists will share their hopes for an open data movement in Kenya that will inform policy decisions and improve healthcare access for Kenyans.
The five storytellers, who are data journalism fellows at Internews, will display their digital media work at the inaugural event of the Online News Association Nairobi Group. The Online News Association (ONA) helps shape the future of journalism by organizing networking events, training opportunities and public discussions for local journalism community. ONA members are thought leaders, blazing a trail for digital journalism.
ONA Nairobi, initiated by Internews in Kenya, will be a space for resource sharing, collaboration and experimentation. It will showcase the talents of local media producers and innovators and support the needs of the changing journalism environment.
Internews in Kenya and ONA invite you to the inauguration of the ONA Nairobi Group, where the Internews in Kenya Data Fellowship stories will be presented.
The event will take place on Wednesday November 11 at 3 pm at the MRC.
Please join us for a lively sharing and discussion on the place of data and data journalism in improving access to health for Kenyans. We welcome journalists, developers and other open data activists committed to data and digital journalism.

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