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Letting the numbers tell the story


The print story

Many journalists find it difficult to remain objective when covering controversial and sensitive issues like abortions.

Internews in Kenya Data Journalism Fellow Mercy Juma, who is a TV journalist at NTV, used an evidence based approach to her story Grave Choices, on unsafe abortions.

The TV story

Her story was also published as a cover story in The Daily Nation’s DN2 and on the newspaper’s online platform as a multimedia piece.

She found a link between the unmet need for family planning and the high number of unsafe abortions in Kenya after comparing different datasets. Although the data had been openly available for several months no Kenyan
journalist had told this story.

In the following multimedia piece Mercy Juma reflects on the dilemma of reporting
on the issue, which is restricted in Kenya and prohibited by the major faiths.

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Welcome to Internews in Kenya’s Data Journalism portal

internews52132f4971f98By Eva Constantaras.

As the last Kenyan elections proved, breaking news is now often the domain of social media, not traditional media.  Kenya’s increasingly wired society is demanding faster, better and more interactive information exchange.

But there is growing need and demand for in-depth content and analysis in the midst of the deluge of data and information.  Increasingly, journalists are seeing a solution to the media industry crisis in data journalism. » Read more