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800 IDPs Accuse Minister of Neglect

The People, Pg 7
Monday, 14 Nov 2011

Over 800 integrated IDPs living in Nyahururu have accused the government of neglecting them. They claim the government has refused to supply them with relief food and fast track resettlemtn programme. They also want the government

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300 IDPs Stage Demostration

The People, Pg 12
Tuesday, 15 Nov 2011

More than 300 IDPs from Gucha region held a demostration and demanded that the government resettles them. They accused the government of practicing descrimination in the settlement and compensation of chaos victims.

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Push for Money to Resettle the Displaced, Orengo Urges MPs

Daily Nation, Pg 10
Monday, 07 Nov 2011

 Lands Minister James Orengo has urged MPs to petition the government to provide more funds to resettle IDPs. He said the money that had been allocated was not enough to resettle all IDPs across the country.

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Cohesion Team wants IDPs Vetted, then Resettled

The Star, Pg 17
Wednesday, 09 Nov 2011

NCIC has called for the vetting of IDPs before resettling them. According to NCIC commissioner Rev Lawrence Boimet, there are bogus IDPs in various camps eager to reap from the ongoing resettlement exercise. He also called for the

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IDPs Given G-Ahead to Look for Suitable Land

The Standard, Pg 21
Tuesday, 08 Nov 2011

Special Programmes Minister Esther Murugi has asked IDPs to indentify suitable pices of land for their resettlement. She however said the value of the land should not exceed sh450, 000.  Murugi affirmed that those who are sti

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PM Says Kazi Kwa Vijana Funds were not Stolen

Sunday Standard, Pg 6
Sunday, 30 Oct 2011

PM Raila has said not single cent for the Kazi kwa Vijana project was stolen. He dismissed allegations that officials in his office have looted the funds meant for youth empowerment. Raila said this was propaganda with the aim of

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Lobby Group Plans Protests over IDPs

The Standard, Pg 24
Friday, 28 Oct 2011

Civil Society Consortium has given the government a two week ultimatum to resettle IDPs. The group said if the ultimatum is not respected, it will mobilise off IDPs to protest countrywide. They demonstrations would take place simu

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Eldoret Squatters Agree to Share Land with IDPs

The Star, Pg 17
Thursday, 27 Oct 2011

The government has resolved a dispute over 1000 acres which was bought for the resettlement of IDPs in Eldoret. Squatters living near Chemusian farm which the government bought four months ago have now agreed to sahre the land wit

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