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IDPs in Malindi live with other Families

Standard Pg 11
Saturday, 06 Oct 2012

Malindi is miles away from the conflict zones and is relatively calm; many families have been integrated into families with some having as many as 20 people who have been incorporated after the Tana clashes. Peace initiatives have

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Fire destroys IDP shanties in Nyandarua

The Star Pg 13
Thursday, 04 Oct 2012

Ten IDP families at the Gwakung’u camp in Nyandarua North were left homeless when a fire gutted their shanties. Esther Muthoni said she had left for work when the fire broke out from her shelter at 5pm. The camp vice chairma

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IDPs have no hope of being Resettled-Study

The Star Pg 3
Wednesday, 03 Oct 2012

A new study has revealed that IDPs have no hope of being resettled before the General election next year. The report by an NGO calling itself Article 19 show that the respondents were not very free to talk because they do not what

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Rights Group raises Red Flag over Neglected IDPs

Daily Nation pg 11
Thursday, 27 Sep 2012

Two human rights groups have raised the alarm over the government’s failure to compensate 2007/08 PEV victims. The groups claim the government was setting the stage for a continuing cycle of rights violations in coming elect

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Resettle IDPs before polls Central MPs urge Kibaki

The Star Pg 20
Friday, 21 Sep 2012

Four MPs from Central Kenya have asked the president to resettle more than 37,000 IDPs in the region before he leaves office next year.  The MPs claim the government should resettle those displaced in the 2007/08 post electio

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Poll violence victims facing 2013 elections in IDP camps

Daily Nation pg 19
Thursday, 20 Sep 2012

While the government promised to resettle all IDPs before the next General Election, most families may still be at the camp come 2013, in complete contravention of the Constitution. Chapter 4, Article 19, sub article 2 of the cons

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Elders want Cohesion Team sent home over Peace Deals

Daily Nation, Pg 16
Monday, 10 Sep 2012

A council of elders wants the cohesion commission disbanded for allegedly failing to reconcile Kenyans after the 2007 post-election violence. This comes days after a former Nakuru councillor filed a petition in a Nakuru court barr

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Nakuru’s Elusive Peace and Reconciliation.

The Star, Pg 28 &29
Wednesday, 05 Sep 2012

Four year and still some IDPs have not returned to their homes, many living in deplorable conditions with little or nothing to hold on. Some still blame the government for the failure to resettle them and have vowed not to vote in

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