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Nyachae Commission must Determine How it Wants to be Judged by History

Sunday Standard, Pg 15
Sunday, 23 Jan 2011

Donald B Kipkorir admits that the CIC has an enormous task of implementing the constitution. It shall be judged by its ability to steer clear of politics and seeing the spirit and will of Kenyans are taken on board in executing th

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Dual Nationality under Way

The People, Pg 12
Saturday, 22 Jan 2011

Parliament will iron out the issues surrounding the provisions of dual citizenship under the new constitution. Kalonzo assured that dual citizenship is the right thing for Kenyans and the government is committed on making it a rea

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House Team Tours US over New Constitution

The People, Pg 11
Friday, 21 Jan 2011

The parliamentary committee on Administration of justice and legal affairs is in the US to familiarise itself with the procedures and legislations sthat are required in the implementation of the constitution. The committee will vi

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How New Laws will Shape Kenyan Parliament by 2050

Business Daily, Pg 9
Thursday, 20 Jan 2011

Mike Eldon affirms that the new constitution heralds a new dawn, paving way for leaders to be performers and pushing the country into middle class economy. Parliament will be responsible for its own staff and budget, MPs will have

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State Picks Architects to Work on County Offices

The Standard, Pg 21
Friday, 21 Jan 2011

The state has formed a team comprising architechts and engineers to spearhead the construction of the 47 county headquaters. Public works minister Chris Obure said the team was mandated to visit the counties to assess needs.

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Why Branding of Counties is the Next Big Issue

The Standard, Pg 15
Thursday, 20 Jan 2011

Egara Kabaji retorts that counties will have to brand themselves with the aim of marketing themselves. The future of counties will not be uniform and so while some will be preoperous, other will continue to stagnate. The developme

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Mudavadi Seeks Sh580m to Create New Counties

The Star, Pg 9
Wednesday, 30 Nov -0001

The Ministry of Local Government has asked for sh580million to fund a task force to manage the creation of countied. Musalia Mudavadi told a forum of development partners that the government presently able to raise only sh242 mill

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State Withdraws Two Bills for Review by Commissions

The People, Pg 40
Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011

Mutula Kilonzo withdrew two cruicial bills that were the basis upon which parliament was recalled from recess. He argued that the Bills require the inpu of the CIC and the Kenya Law Reform Commisison. He recognised the issues rais

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