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ICC Statement Taking Suit Set for Mention

The People, Pg 2
Tuesday, 18 Jan 2011

The High Court has directed that a case in which two businessmen want 10 security chiefs stopped from recording statements with the ICC be mentioned before Lady Justice Kalpana Rawal. This was after the AG, the security chiefs and

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State to Pay for Ali and Muthaura Defence

Sunday Nation, Pg 1, 4-6
Sunday, 16 Jan 2011

The government will pay for the legal defence for Major Hussein Ali and Francis Muthaura. Kalonzo Musyoka confirmed that this is an issue the government will have to foot because they were working on behalf od the country. Meanwhi

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The People are Sovereign and the Constitution is Supreme

Sunday Nation, Pg 17
Wednesday, 30 Nov -0001

Suba Churchill says the new law protects us from politicians keen to subvert justice to protect personal interests. Efforts by MPs wanting the president to withdraw the country from the ICC are illegal and unconstitutional. It is

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Group Proposes High Court Takes over ICC Trials

Saturday Nation
Saturday, 15 Jan 2011

A group of legal experts has recommended that the High Court takes over the prosecutions of election violence cases from the ICC. The group comprising of lawyers from Kenya, Sudan, Rwanda and Britan sais reconciliation is more imp

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Pulling Out of the ICC will Ensure Convictions and very Stiff Sentences

Daily Nation
Saturday, 15 Jan 2011

Kwnachetsi Makokha asserts that the ICC is a neo-colonial institution that should not be entatained in the new Kenya. The new has revamped the judicial and the police service in Kenya and this is breathtaking. The result is that t

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As ICC Trials Begin, Ocampo must Uphold Kenya´┐Ż??s Peace and Stability

The People Pg 9 and Taifa Leo , Pg 6
Saturday, 18 Dec 2010

Joseph Mutua asserts that there must be peace at all times during the trials of the six suspects. Kenyan legislators failed to heed three deadlines that were set to establish a local tribunal and should therefore blame themselves.

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