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MPs Eye Sh2bn Sendoff Package

Sunday Nation, Pg 1, 15 & 16
Sunday, 20 Mar 2011

MPs are eying a take home salary of 8 months and winding up allowance totaling to sh. 9.5 million. This is the amount they are likely to be given since the elections could be held in August. While the date is not clear, transition

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Electoral Reforms will Determine Date of Elections

Sunday Standard, Pg 22
Sunday, 20 Mar 2011

The pace of the electoral reforms will largely determine when the next elections will be held. The times opined have been August, D ecember 2012 and January 2013 all posited by different institutions. The CIC, IIEC and leaders are

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2012 Elections Set to Cost you Sh48 Billion

Saturday Standard, Pg 1 & 8
Saturday, 19 Mar 2011

The next elections whose date is ucnertain will cost the taxpayer sh48 billion. A seven year strategic plan prepared by the IIEC says the electoral body would use sh19.78 billion to finance voter registrtion, voter education and c

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Electoral Team Resolves Internal Row

Daily Nation, Pg 8
Friday, 18 Mar 2011

IIEC held a meeting to diffuse tensions that threatened to tear it apart. The meeting came as reports indicted that some commissioners and the secretariat staff boycotted a briefing held for professionals to discuss the preparatio

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8m Voters to be Listed Ahead of 2012 Election

Daily Nation, Pg 8
Wednesday, 16 Mar 2011

IIEC Executive Officer James Oswago has said an additional 8 million voters will be registered ahead of the 2012 general elections. The commisison has so far registered 12.5 million voters. But the commisison will require more fun

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Why IIEC Commissioners are No Longer at Ease

Sunday Standard, Pg 27
Saturday, 12 Mar 2011

Anxiety is growing among IIEC commissioners as the nation awaits a Bill expected to transform it into a new body. Commissioners and staff on the final draft Bill. Also, they are anxious to know who among them will remain in the co

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PNU, ODM in New Clash over Creation of 80 Constituencies

The Standard, Pg 1 & 8
Friday, 08 Apr 2011

Wrangling between ODM and PNU has paralysed the work of the legal affairs committee and could block the creation of 80 new constituencies. The justice committee is critical in fast-tracking of Bills like the Independent Electoral

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Move over Bulky Ballot Boxes and Long Queues; the Era of E-Democracy is Here

Daily Nation, Pg 13
Tuesday, 01 Mar 2011

Esmond Shahonya affirms that the electorla system should full adopt ICT. With the progress made so far in adopting ICT services and the use of social media in campaigns worldwide, ICT should form the bedrock of elections to increa

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