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How irresponsible nurse cut short boy’s life with lethal injection

Daily Nation pg. 10
Friday, 18 Jul 2014

When Christianoh Marweh was taken to Ram Hospital in Kisii on June 19, 2010, his parents expected him to be released shortly afterwards as his illness appeared mild

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Experts worried over malaria resistance

Kass Weekly pg. 3
Sunday, 13 Jul 2014

It is good for the malaria campaigners that the anti-malaria vaccine is finally going to be available starting 2015. According to the scientists, the final data on the efficacy of the anti Malaria vaccine will be released soon and

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Detering sexual offences still a huge challenge in country

Kass Weekly pg. 3
Sunday, 06 Jul 2014

Kenya is still grappling with ways of hampering sexual violence many years after the enactment of the Sexual Offence Act of 2006

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First lady’s Beyond Zero drive may get UN funding

The Star pg. 33
Monday, 07 Jul 2014

Kenya is likely to benefit from some of the 40 commitments made last week to support women and children health

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Mother’s nutrition, education determine child’s well being

The Standard Wednesday Life magazine pg.5
Wednesday, 16 Jul 2014

A just concluded study involved close to 60,000 subjects from eight different countries has determined that the size of a baby at birth is universally determined primarily by the health of the mother during pregnancy.

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Standard gauge railway line likely to activate new HIV hotspots

The Standard pg. 3
Wednesday, 02 Jul 2014

The proposed high- speed railway line from Mombasa to Kigali could activate what health experts see as new HIV hotspots, with the virus hitchhiking its way to new areas

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Shocking reality as many Kenyans take their own lives

The Standard on Saturday pg.2
Saturday, 05 Jul 2014

As more Kenyans take solace in drugs, alcohol, pornography and get rich quick churches,  so are the number of suicide cases piling up. New evidence shows the number of people taking their own lives, is higher than previously

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‘I beat dad at his own game’

People daily page 4
Monday, 14 Jul 2014

He wanted to marry me at 14 to quench his thirst for more wealth but I vowed he could do so over my dead body.

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