Tuesday, 21 Jun 2011

A journalist’s dream

Washing used condoms

It’s not often that journalists can truly claim that their stories created action or policy change. But this happened after the broadcast of a story on condom shortages in Isiolo, by Violet Otindo at K24. First, the story was picked up by many other news houses, local and international. And more importantly, those who could make a difference to condom supply in that region, took action. Have a look at this to see real story impact. Well done, Violet!



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From the Data Journalism Blog

Data Journalism Workshop, May 26 – 30

Objectives: By the end of workshop participants should be able to: Appreciate data journalism Mine, scrape and analyze data on health Use simple tools to visualize data Write a data driven story proposal Package data into simple, compelling and accessible stories.   Day One:                 Monday 26 08:30 – 09:30            Read more

Data cleaning Guide for Journalists

DATA CLEANING Data journalism workshops can make the data journalism process seem much faster and more straight-forward than it really is. In reality, most data doesn’t arrive organized and error-free. Most data is messy. Before beginning any kind of analysis, the data needs to be cleaned. Data cleaning is a Read more

Why Kenya is falling behind on millenium development goals

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Online News Association launches Kenya’s digital future

                Failed healthcare promises, the human cost of abortion limitations and the need for access to contraceptive to prevent unsafe abortions were some of the big stories in the Nation, the Standard and the Star in November. The journalists who told these stories, delivering the biggest week in Data Journalism Read more

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