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She Labours to Ensure No Mom Dies at Birth The Standard, Instinct, Pg. 16
Saturday, 02 Jul 2011

Angela Nguku believes that maternal health is not only the responsibility of the Ministry of Health but the responsibility of every Kenyan, and thus is leading by example with her initiative through the Kenya White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood

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One Third of Country’s Children Lack Life Sustaining Vitamins Daily Nation, Pg. 17
Friday, 01 Jul 2011

Public Health and Sanitation director says an estimated one-third of Kenya’s children are chronically malnourished, adding that the condition was responsible for the weakening of the immune system of children, exposing them to higher risks of deaths from illnesses, such as malaria, respirat

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MPs Meeting to Seek Longer Life Expectancy for Kenyans Daily Nation , Pg. 17
Friday, 01 Jul 2011

Members of Parliament will meet under the auspices of the Parliamentary Network on Population and Development to discuss targets that will enable the average number of years that Kenyans live to rise from the current 57 to 60 in a few years. Planning minister has called for urgent measures to con

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Maternal and Child Health Concerns For Pastoralist Communities in Turkana The Star, Pg. 29
Wednesday, 29 Jun 2011

Delivery with the aid of a traditional birth attendant is the best a pregnant rural turkana woman can hope for in a region with a shortage of health facilities and where only 8.2 per cent of all the babies born are delivered in hospital.

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New Application to Boost Vaccination Drive The Standard, Tech Insight, Pg. 30
Monday, 27 Jun 2011

United Nations children’s fund (UNICEF) says the slow rate in adoption of preventive measures, which are now available in modern technologies could impede the attainment of the Millennium Development Goal Number four (MDG4), with deaths mostly rampant in developing countries preventable but

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Access to Reproductive Health Services Elude African Women Sunday Express, Pg. 18
Sunday, 26 Jun 2011

Advocates, policymakers and political heavyweights meeting in Addis Ababa to discuss universal access on reproductive health services, hear that Africa has not made satisfactory progress in expanding access to birth control tools, with worldwide availability of reproductive health supplies, which

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Women Discover Benefits of Natural Birth Control Methods Kenya Today, Pg. 3
Monday, 20 Jun 2011

Even as the government devotes huge amounts of funds and efforts to educate the public on the benefits of family planning and maternal health, many rural residents remain hesitant to use modern contraceptives, and medical workers are recommending the use of natural family planning methods, which

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Needy Women to Access Free Health Services The Standard, Pg. 24
Monday, 20 Jun 2011

Minister for Public Health and Sanitation says the government will offer free reproductive health services to poor women to reduce the child mortality rate in the country.

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Mtandao wa Internews-Ushahidi
You have a right to know your rights . Do you know that you have a right to know your ri

Citizens Demand Action. This was a peaceful demonstration following the

Water,a major challenge in informal settlements. Poor governance in the water services provisio

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