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Walk the Talk if Police Reform is to Succeed The Standard, Pg 15
Friday, 19 Aug 2011

Police commissioner Mathew Iteere writes that the greatest challenge for the nation is building an effective, coherent and credible criminal justice system. The police have a critical role to play in the administration of justice but there is an urgent need for better tools, equipment and trainin

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MPs Set to Debate Three Key Police Reform Bills The Star, Pg 6
Monday, 22 Aug 2011

Parliament will start debate on Key police Bills aimed at reforming the service. Legislators will be debating the National Police Serice Bill 2011, the National Police Serice Commission Bill 2011 and the Independent Policing Oversight Authority Bill 2011. MPs have in the past criticised the polic

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Anglo Leasing Ghost Haunts Police and Prison Reforms Sunday Standard, Pg 27
Sunday, 31 Jul 2011

Polcie and prison departments are paying the price after plans to acquire new equipment stalled due to corruption in Anglo Leasing contracts. Out of 18 security related contracts, 10 belonged to the Administration Police, Regular and Kenya Prisons. This is delaying modernisation of the police sin

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Pay Raise for Police and Prisons Saturday Standard, Pg 1 & 8
Saturday, 30 Jul 2011

Police and prison wardens have been awarded a 14% pay increase in the second phase of the review of their remuneration. Senior officers will however get a 12% pay increase. The award is half of the earlier projected increase that was supposed to hit 28% for juniors and 25% for seniors. These incr

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Denying Police their Dues Weakens Internal Security The Standard, Pg 15
Friday, 29 Jul 2011

Beauttah Omanga writes that there seems not to be reforms in the police as witnessed by the laxity to effect salary increment for police officers. Other sectors of government are being reformed and this does not auger well for the disciplined forces. Its important for the police force to be refor

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Police in go-slow over promised pay increase The Standard, Pg 1 & 6
Monday, 18 Jul 2011

Murmurs of discontent are brewing within the middle to lower ranks of the police and prisons services after news seeped through that they might not get recently promised salary increments. The Treasury and the Directorate of Personnel Management have agreed not to imp

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Unfit Police officers to go, says Minister The Daily Nation, Pg 8
Wednesday, 13 Jul 2011

Internal Security assistant minister Orwa Ojodeh has said the pending reform laws will not stop the government from sending home non-performing police officers. He was referring to the vetting of police officers that has been put off for a while until laws are in plac

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Stop police killings says Swedish minister The Star, Pg 7
Tuesday, 12 Jul 2011

Sweden Minister for International Development Cooperation Gunilla Carlsson yesterday challenged the government to end extra judicial killings and to expedite the cases of police found guilty of committing the offence. She urged the government to cooperate with the Int

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Mtandao wa Internews-Ushahidi
You have a right to know your rights . Do you know that you have a right to know your ri

Citizens Demand Action. This was a peaceful demonstration following the

Water,a major challenge in informal settlements. Poor governance in the water services provisio

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