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Police Barred from Using Excessive Force Daily Nation, Pg 6
Monday, 12 Sep 2011

The enactment of the National Police Service Act will see police officers barred from using force when arresting suspects or will have to justify it in writing. This proposal is among a  code of conduct for police officers that is set to be launched as a guide for regular and administration

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Police Vetting Exercise Set to Kick Off Afresh The People, Pg 21
Saturday, 10 Sep 2011

Police vetting that wash suspended in July is set to kick off afresh after parliament passed the National Police Service Commission Bill. The Bill provides for a nine-member team who would be responsible for recruitment, remuneration and promotion of police officers. The commission will also be r

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How Police Reforms Stalled The Standard, Pg 3
Wednesday, 07 Sep 2011

Police reforms have stalled duet to lack of proper consultations with all stakeholders in the industry. So far, only two Bills have been passed in parliament yet other institutions that were to be reformed like the Judiciary are way ahead in the reform agenda.

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Iteere Admits Police Ill-Equipped to Fight Crime The Standard, Pg 21
Friday, 02 Sep 2011

Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere has said the police force is grappling with a serious financial and logisitical constraints that have forced it to ration fuel for its fleet. He added that vehicles had been restricted to a maximum of eight litres per day and this situation compromises on securit

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Police Reforms are Now Urgent The Star, Pg 24
Thursday, 01 Sep 2011

Hassan Ole Naado retorts that the increase on road carnage is a serious reason to have police reforms. The roads are pathetic and vehicles are not road worthy. The command of responsibility in the force is too tedious and cumbersome that making changes is necessary to improve efficiency.

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New Law Ablishes Six Senior Police Ranks The Standard, Pg 11
Monday, 29 Aug 2011

Anxiety and panic has gripped senior police officers following the enactment of a new law hat has scrapped some of their ranks. Some of the ranks in the regular and administration police have been scrapped and it means the officers will either be retired or demoted to other ranks.

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600 police officers moved n graft purge Daily Nation, Pg 8
Thursday, 18 Aug 2011

Police commissioner Mathew Iteere has made changes which have seen 590 officers transferred. However, 29 bases linked to massive corruption have been abolished and police officers who manned them given other duties. The move is seen as an effort to clean up the traffic section, deemed most corrup

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Inspector General to be Chosen by Selection Panel The Star, Pg 2
Friday, 26 Aug 2011

The National Police Service Bill states that the Inspector General of Police and two deputies will be chosen by a selection panel. Usalama Reforms Forum, an organisation working in security sector says this is likely to pave way for political deals.

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