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Will 2012 Polls be a Repeat of 2007 Elections? The People, Pg 9
Monday, 25 Jul 2011

Irungu Kangata says signs of a repeat of the 2007 elections are beginning to appear. There is likelyhood of people using the tribal card to win support and this will set a bad precedence. Already ethnic alliances are being made and with the ICC issue unresolved, nothing so far guarantees peace in

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Politicians in Dilemma over Outlawed Harambees Saturday Standard, Pg 11
Saturday, 23 Jul 2011

Politicians are in a dilemma over the use of harambees to popularise themselves ahead of the elections. The new constitution outlaws the use of harambees and this means they face criminal charges if they indulge in it. They willl therefore need to be crafty and use other means or use their develo

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Civic Polls Results could be a Pointer to 2012 Saturday Nation, Pg 40
Saturday, 23 Jul 2011

The ongoing elections for mayors are likely to be an indicator for the coming general elections. Political parties are using this elections to determine their strengths across the country.

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Raila goes for Ruto Full Blast The Standard, Pg 1 & 7
Thursday, 21 Jul 2011

Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s party has filed a court case, which if ruled in its favour, would cost Eldoret North MP William Ruto and four of his allies their parliamentary seats. The matter comes barely a week after the High Court issued interim orders barring the Registrar of Political P

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ODM and PNU Accuse each other as they Endorse Tobiko The Standard, Pg 12
Wednesday, 15 Jun 2011

Mps from the ODM and PNU exchanged last minute accusations as they endorsed Keriako Tobiko nomination as the Director of Public Prosecutions. Tobiko was approved pending future investigation. The house committee had earlier complained that Atwoli panel failed to forwa

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Out there, they are Wondering Whether Kenya will Burn or not After 2012 Poll Daily Nation, Pg 12
Thursday, 19 May 2011

Charles Onyango-Obbo retorts that the world is concerned that Kenya may deteriorate after the 2012 poll into worse off violence than in 2007. The main concern is the media that is fanning destructive messages. This is an issue that should be rethought through because even mainstream media is not

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Why the Principals are Pulling Apart Daily Nation, Pg 6
Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Kibaki and Raila are having differences on how to manage the impeding reshuffle in the coalition government. While Raila wants to reshuffle in order to remove rebels from the cabinet, Kibaki is in no hurry to reshuffle the cabinet. The two are also split on the way forward regarding the cases bef

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Troubled Coalition Obstructs Route to Reconciliation The Standard, Pg 17
Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The journey towards reconciliation has stalled due to constant wrangles in the coalition government. Dialogue between ODM and PNU is hardly happening largely due to disinterest and focus on the next general elections. This has also stalled other issues in Agenda Four.

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Mtandao wa Internews-Ushahidi
You have a right to know your rights . Do you know that you have a right to know your ri

Citizens Demand Action. This was a peaceful demonstration following the

Water,a major challenge in informal settlements. Poor governance in the water services provisio

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