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NCIC Launches Regional Workshops to Fight Ethnicity Ahead of Next Polls The Standard, Pg 22
Wednesday, 17 Aug 2011

The NCIC has launched regional workshops to sensitize leaders on the dangers of negative ethnicity ahead f the next polls. The workshops will be held in all 47 Counties. Dr. Kibunja said there was need for national dialogue to foster unity and expressed fears that devolved government could also l

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Kenya Now has Independent Witness Protection Agency Saturday Standard, Pg 7
Saturday, 13 Aug 2011

Kenya has launched an independent Witness Protection Agency. The agency will help in protecting witnesses who come out to testify and fear for their lives. While launching the agency, AG Amos WAko lamented at the Sh200 million that it has been allocated int he current financial year terming it to

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Kenyans Hope for Peaceful 2012 Elections The Star, Pg 7
Monday, 08 Aug 2011

Majority of Kenyans believe the next elections will be free from violence. This is according to Brand Kenya Perception Survey Index. The peaceful referendum on the new constitution and peaceful by-elections are the things many people pegged on to have a peaceful general election.

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Ethnicity a Threat to Cohesion, Says NCIC The Star, Pg 2
Monday, 08 Aug 2011

NCIC deputy chair Mary Onyango has acknowledged that ethnic wrangles were a major hurdle against its mandate. She said communities tend to feel stigmatised when members of their communities are under a probe. She added that the way out is for the public to get involved in cohesion and integration

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National Policy on Reparation Needed The Star, Pg 25
Tuesday, 09 Aug 2011

Ken Wafula writes that reparation is a critical step in transitional justice processes and can be important as Agenda Four reforms are being implemented. While the government has been dispensing some form of reparation to a number of victims, this is not being done in a structured way. It ideally

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Machage, Kapondi Get Reprieve over HAte Speech Case The Standard, Pg 24
Friday, 05 Aug 2011

The NCIC that initiated charges against MPs Machage and Kapondi is now requesting for withdrawal of the case to pursue alternative ways of dealing with the suspects. This withdrawal should the court grant it will be an anti-climax of the fist prosecution of alleged hate speech. DPP informed the c

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Witness Protection Plan Gets Sh300m Daily Nation, Pg 60
Tuesday, 02 Aug 2011

The Witness Protection Agency has been allocated sh300 million . This rules out the possibility that Kenya will cover the people who will give evidence against Ocampo six suspects. The agency that is set to be launched soon had requested for sh1.2 billion.

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MPs Learn Peace Tips Ahead of 2012 Polls Daily Nation, Pg 9
Monday, 01 Aug 2011

UNDP has started teaching MPs against incitement of the public in the next general elections. The program is aimed at teaching MPs to build trust between partied and curb hate speech. They are also taught how to develop negotiation, communicaiton, enhancing capacity of new institutions under the

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Mtandao wa Internews-Ushahidi
You have a right to know your rights . Do you know that you have a right to know your ri

Citizens Demand Action. This was a peaceful demonstration following the

Water,a major challenge in informal settlements. Poor governance in the water services provisio

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