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Data visualisation can be fun

Have you ever wondered where most robots are produced or which country has the most flowers? If yes, then this fun and informative world map might brighten up your day.

Published recently on the American site Business Insider, the map was originally published on the comic site Doghouse Diaries. The trio behind the site wanted to show that every country leads the world in something, although it might sometimes be a quirky thing. Apparently Kenya leads the world in flowers. "Myanmar leads the world in 'Speaking Burmese.'  That's kind of a silly thing but still true," Anvari told Business Insider.  "UK leads in fascist movements, but that's all movements in history, not active movements."

The trio collected the information displayed on the map from various Internet sources, Wikipedia being one of the most quoted in the full list of sources.

Although the funky map does not actually visualise the data, it follows the current media trend of infotainment – presentation of data as entertainment.

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