Call for Applications: TJRC Mentored Travel Grant to Isiolo-The Moment of Truth

The Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC)  is in Northern Kenya. Their mission is to conduct hearings, as the people in the region tell their stories of human rights violations and other historical injustices they have experienced between 12 December 1963 and 28 February 2008.  The TJRC is part of the accountability component of Agenda Four (4) of the National Accord signed in 2008. By addressing the cause and effects of historical injustices and gross violations of human rights the TJRC will contribute towards national unity, reconciliation, and healing. 

The Land & Conflict Sensitive Journalism Project at Internews Network Kenya would like to provide journalists an opportunity to share these stories from Northern Kenya with the public, through issuing mentored travel grants.

The project is looking for 3 radio and/or print journalists who have a special interest in reporting on the TJRC’s hearings as they unfold especially in Isiolo. This will require that you tell in-depth stories of what happened in the past, of what the people say about it in the hearings and eventually capture how the people in this region would like to move forward.

The mentored travel grant to Isiolo will take place from 9TH May -11th May 2011.


If yes, please send us the following information to apply for this special mentored travel grant by 29th April 2011 at 5 pm:

  • A one page rationale that captures:
  1. Why you would like to cover the hearings in Isiolo.
  2. What story angle you would like to pursue.
  3. How many stories you are most likely to come up with by the end of the Isiolo hearings.


  • A one page Resume that captures your journalism work


The information above will be reviewed by a panel of media practioners to determine the three journalists to benefit from this project.  Please note that only three radio and/or print journalists will be considered for the Isiolo mentored travel grant.


You can send your information to [email protected] or to the Land and Conflict Sensitive Project, P.O.Box 7219-00200 Nairobi, Kenya or drop off your application at the Internews offices: I&M Building, 12th floor, Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi.


*Mentored travel grants are offered periodically by the Land & Conflict Sensitive Journalism Project to encourage journalists to tell in depth stories of issues captured in Agenda 4 especially those tackling the reforms process. This grant is unique in that the journalists will be accompanied by an Internews Trainer to assist them in the various production steps: in the field, in the script writing and in the editing of stories.