“Tell us Who misused FPE funds”, Civil society demanded.

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Despite the arrest of ten demonstrators on Wednesday, a group of protestors camped yesterday at the gate of Education minister Sam Ongeri office’s at Jogoo House.“Let Ongeri show us who misused our Free Primary education Funds [F.P.E], we will as well go there and force him or her out of the office,” Said Fredric Odhiambo one of the Unga Revolution protestors.
The group vowed to continue until the minister resign. “We are not going to give in.”One of them said as they displayed placard written, “Sh 4.2 billion is missing”. This came after the revelation of scandals which saw Sh.4.2 million free primary school funds got missing in the ministry. The group argued that this happened under the stewardship of Ongeri and he should therefore take responsibility and resign to pave way for investigation.
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