SEACOM: Fiber Optic Cable, the Way to go

  • Location muindi mbingu street
  • Date Jun 14 2011
  • Time 14:50
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Kenya invests Over Ksh. 60 Million in the National optic fiber backbone infrastructure in embracing technology
“Every 10% increase in high speed internet connection in developing countries result in an increase of 1.3% in economy growth” World Bank recent data reveals.

According to the Telecom data regulator government of East African Community(EAC) invest over US$ 400 million in their respective National backbone infrastructure, and this cables cover more than 20,600 km.

SEACOM which is a privately owned cable company offering wholesale broadband services and products that have been fundamental in Building the African Internet. The service provider sees itself playing a major role in creating an East African 'Knowledge Society' by reducing the cost of international bandwidth connectivity, improving the access to information, enabling knowledge to be shared.

This will also stimulate innovation through research, creating new industries and opportunities for employment, and providing a catalyst for multi-stakeholder investment into local communications infrastructure in the region.

By leveraging its investment in African infrastructure, SEACOM provides a highly resilient Internet network, connecting Africa to the global Internet through multiple breakouts. In addition, SEACOM offers Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, ensuring high network availability and enhanced user experience by protecting content from malicious attacks.

Multinationals from around the world e.g. software developers from the U.S, global telecommunications companies, banking firms from south Africa have invested in Kenya as they are now confident of reliable connectivity that can support their business from Kenya to distance offices across the globe.

According to the internet provider, The impact of high capacity bandwidth and solution will dramatically shift the way we learn, conduct business and bridge the knowledge gap in Kenya and across the region hence enabling communities to unleash their potential and seamlessly integrate into the information driven global economy.

Fiber optic will now allow Universities and research centers in Kenya, and the East African region to collaborate at a much higher level than it was before. Boost every aspect of the region state’s educational offerings, as well as expanding research and network capacity to conduct scientific research effectively.

East African communities plan to link their cables into one network hence lowering the cost of communication by increasing the speed of internet connectivity. This is now possible with the landing of the Internet provider in Kenya and Tanzania, which is linked to their terrestrial cables for high speed and low cost international bandwidth.
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