Demonstration of skyrocketing cost of living.

  • Location Nairobi
  • Date Apr 20 2011
  • Time 13:55
  • Category Business   Reforms   
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Just a day, after the government announced 30% cut of fuel prices, hundreds of demonstrators turned up for a protest this morning over high cost of fuel which has resulted to an uncontrollable skyrocketing cost of living. The demonstration which took nearly four hours was organized ConsumersFederation of Kenya [COFEK].
Before the match began at Uhuru Park, Hon Paul Muite a seasoned activist and former MP for Kabete addressed the angry crowd saying that the Government no longer cared about the common citizen, “This is the government of the rich, its being headed by the rich on behalf of the rich…”He added that food prices be reduced to a level every citizen can afford.
Due to high cost of fuel, citizens are attempting to press the government through demonstrations which were held in several towns around the country. Many of them carried placards with inscriptions such as “Unga Sh.30, Kerosene Sh.40” while chanting and singing.
Some prominent personalities who also joined the demonstrators included Professor Yash pal Ghai and former MP Mwandawiro Mghanga. Speaking to the crowd they emphasized the rights provided in the new constitution for every citizen to have food, shelter, water and education. They also pointed out citizens right to press the government to act.
The demonstrators handed petitions to the ministry of finance Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta’s office, the Prime minister’s office and the Parliament. At the parliament buildings they were addressed by Hon. Ababu Namwamba. “You are the heroes, we are with you”. He told them. He also promised that he was going to present their petition before parliament to make sure the situation is controlled
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