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Land report calls for political goodwill

A report on land injustices at the Coast is calling for political goodwill to tackle the emotive issue. The report says inheritance of colonial laws, lack of land policies at independence and poor leadership made land at the coast a sticky issue. The report titled Entitlement Without Titles: A Quest for land Justice, the research covers controversial land dispute areas at Tudor, Dunga Unuse, Kibarani, Kwa Punda and Maganda in Mombasa, Takaungu and Shariani in Kilifi and Kinondo, Magaoni and Msambweni in Kwale counties.

Source link: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/?articleID=2000081109&story_title=Land-report-calls-for-political-goodwill

Source: Standard Pg 7

Date: Sunday, 07 Apr 2013