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IEBC bought faulty kits despite warning

The electoral commission ignored advice from its Information and Technology director and went ahead to buy electronic voter identification kits which largely failed on the day of the March 4 General Election, whose presidential results are the subject of several court cases. An internal memo by head of IT Dismas Ong’ondi warned of the risks posed by the kits, also referred to as e-poll books, which were to be supplied by a South African firm. Mr Ong’ondi had warned that the kits required more time and a parallel technology for them to function optimally.

Source link: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/politics/IEBC-bought-faulty-kits-despite-warning/-/1064/1722994/-/lf5lxw/-/index.html

Source: Daily Nation pg 1 & 4

Date: Monday, 18 Mar 2013