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Constitution remains top poll agenda as Kenyans vote

Since the country began agitating for expanded democratic space, elections after every five years have been dominated by various agendas. Often, aspirants identify a particular issue and use it to win over voters. In 1992, the clamour for multiparty democracy propelled by various civil society groups and politicians dominated the agenda. Kenya had been under one party system of governance. The country was led by Kanu regime. The clarion call at the time was ‘no reforms, no elections’ which saw formation of the Inter Party Parliamentary Group meeting (IPPG). Under the IPPG came the Constitution review process upon which saw the country undertake the first constitutional review conference at Bomas of Kenya and Safari Park Hotel between June and October 1998.

Source link: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/?articleID=2000078619&story_title=Constitution-remains-top-poll-agenda-as-Kenyans-vote

Source: Standard Pg 13

Date: Monday, 04 Mar 2013