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Three quarters of land is not registered – Swazuri

More than 75 per cent of land in Kenya is not registered, National Land Commission chairman designate Mohamed Swazuri has said. He said land in many parts of the country has not been marked or measured. This makes it easier for people to grab the land. The commission has only 10 years (up to 2022) to register all land in the country. It has not officially started working as its officers are yet to be sworn in. He said this is because there have been few surveyors and inadequate facilities. He said this will make the work of the commission difficult if technology is not used to fast-track the registration of land.

Source link: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/article-99380/three-quarters-land-not-registered-swazuri

Source: The Star Pg 10

Date: Friday, 14 Dec 2012