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Forest Evictees and IDPs give up on Resettlement.

Mau and Embobut forests evictees yesterday said they have given up on being resettled before the March 4 elections.  The government has been unable to get land where the forest evictees and remaining batch of IDPs will be resettled, despite the Sh2.3 billion for the resettlement having been released. Resettlement for the Mau evictee’s began last month after 400 of the evicted families were moved to Rongai. However, more land is yet to be found for the remaining 3,000 families.

Source Link: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/article-96814/forest-evictees-and-idps-give-resetlement

Source: The Star Pg 17

Date: Friday, 23 Nov 2012