Training of journalists is the core of what we do.
We support independent media and access to information around the world.
Internews Kenya trainers are available every day for ongoing mentoring and support to journalists: that’s why we have a permanent office and a Media Resource Center (WriteSpot), where journalists drop by to get advice, chat about their story ideas and meet contacts. 
In Kenya, we are in touch with media houses and keen to discover new talented journalists, who wish to know more about the subjects they write about, so that their writing may make the world a better place. OK, that is not always possible, but journalists can make a major contribution to democracy, health awareness and the accountability of powerful people in their countries.
We have training programs for radio and TV journalists, talk show hosts, print news and feature writers, online journalists and photojournalists. Citizen journalists and bloggers too!
Trainees can be community or mainstream media journalists, entrants into the profession, as well as editors. 
Our training focuses on thematic areas, but also helps journalists appreciate the importance of fairness and balance in their stories. We encourage stories in which the voices of wananchi can be heard.
Our training helps journalists craft radio writing for the ear and TV production in which words and pictures don’t compete for attention, we show how an image can capture the essence of a news moment, and celebrate the sheer joy of writing.  
For information on upcoming training courses, please send us an email.

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