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Universal Health Care’s a Sound Idea, But How to Bring Physicians to Heel? The East African, Pg. 26
Monday, 31 Oct 2011

Marcelo Giugale of the World Bank calls on low income countries to implement universal health coverage, however with the doctors tending to comprise a relatively privileged stratum with the capacity to bring the provision of health care to a standstill.

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University to Test Herbal Products The Standard, Pg. 20
Saturday, 29 Oct 2011

Mount Kenya University has unveiled a forum on public private partnership on validation and commercialization of herbal products with the aim to provide a framework that will subject herbal products to verications and validation through a conventional research, ensuring and protecting investors&r;

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Selling Drugs Online ‘Derails War on Fakes’ Daily Nation, Pg. 16
Friday, 28 Oct 2011

Acting Industrialization Minister Amason Kingi says the adoption of technology by sellers of fake drugs has made it difficult for the government to track them down, adding that online sellers infiltrate even the most secure markets something that would require international cooperation to curb.Full Story

Chaka Chaka Launches Anti-Counterfeit Campaign in Kenya The Star, Pg. 3
Friday, 28 Oct 2011

World Health Organization (WHO) estimate that 25 per cent of drugs sold in developing countries are fake, and a campaign has been launched by the Interpol and South African songbird Yvonne Chaka Chaka to fight counterfeit medicines in Africa.

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Couple Spared Jail for Denying Children Jab Daily Nation, Pg. 16
Wednesday, 26 Oct 2011

A Kirinyaga couple taken to court for not taking their children for immunization have been placed on a three year probation, and will be reporting to a probation office once a month and ensure that their children, aged three and seven were taken to hospital for treatment.

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Sect Couple’s No To Jabs for Its Children Daily Nation, Pg. 3
Tuesday, 25 Oct 2011

A couple in Kirinyanga has vowed to disown its two children if they are immunized against polio, measles and other diseases, citing their religious sect’s faith as the main reason, remaining defiant even after they were dragged to court.


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Interpol: One-Third of Drugs in Africa Fake The Standard, Pg. 20
Monday, 24 Oct 2011

The world’s largest police organization, the international police (Interpol) says more than one- third of medicines available on the African continent are fake.

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Healthcare Plan to Cut Deaths by Half Kenya Today, Pg. 1
Monday, 17 Oct 2011

Over half of the deaths recorded in Kenya annually could be prevented if proper structures were in place to enable citizen’s access preventive and curative medical care. It’s against this background that the comprehensive and all inclusive programme mooted by the government together w

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Mtandao wa Internews-Ushahidi
You have a right to know your rights . Do you know that you have a right to know your ri

Citizens Demand Action. This was a peaceful demonstration following the

Water,a major challenge in informal settlements. Poor governance in the water services provisio

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