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The Poor Man has a Right too to Contest Elections The Star, Pg 23
Monday, 08 Aug 2011

Yash Pal Ghai says a fair playing ground in the electoral process in Kenya is what will create change in the political leadership of Kenya. At the moment, those with the money have their way to elective seats and therefore spend their time repaying their expenses and amassing more for future elec

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CJ Demands Security for Panel Members The Star, Pg 6
Tuesday, 09 Aug 2011

CJ Willy Mutunga has asked justice minister Mutula Kilonzo to provide security to the members of the select panel to appoint the new electoral and boundaries commission team. He was speaking during the swearing in of the panel and hoped that the panel will give Kenyans a commission that will cond

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Election Offenders to Face Tough Penalties Daily Nation, Pg 72
Wednesday, 10 Aug 2011

A new Bill proposes hefty fines of up to sh10 million for politicians who commit campaign offences. Politicians who engage in premature campaigns or bribe voters will pay up to sh10 million. The revised Elections Bill 2011 states that the offenders will pay from sh100, 000 to sh10million or face

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Two-Third Rule Tops IIEC Forum in Isiolo The People, Pg 12
Wednesday, 10 Aug 2011

Controversy of how to implement the constitutional requirement of two thirds gender representation in elective positions dominated the IIEC forum in Isiolo. Stakeholders warned of a looming constitutional crisis due to the practicability of attaining the threshold. Commissioner Tiya Galgalo and I

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Tough Rules for New Elections Team The Standard, Pg 1 & 4
Thursday, 11 Aug 2011

The Select Panel that will determine the members who will sit in the IEBC has come up with tough rules that those wanting to be in the commission must meet. The threshold is quite high as they must seek the consent of their professional bodies, they must be cleared bu CID, KACC, HELB, DPP, KRA am

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Witchhunt and Slurs will not Distract IIEC from its Mandate The Standard, Pg 15
Wednesday, 30 Nov -0001

Isaak Hassan says the IIEC will not be distracted from doing its job. He admits that various publications that are malicious have been published in newspapers but these publications have no basis. Hassan says the challenge the commission has is managing the high expectations that Kenyans have in

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Abdikadir Warns over Delays in Creation of IEBC The Star, Pg 2
Wednesday, 03 Aug 2011

The creation of a new electoral agency may fail to take off if disagreements regarding the role of the commisison in the delimitation of boundaries is not solved. Abdikadir said emerging conflict and misinterprtation of the role of the IEBC on boundaries issue is disturbing. He said the shifting

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Tribalism, Nepotism are Rife at The IIEC The Star, Pg 24
Tuesday, 02 Aug 2011

Gikonyo Boaz admits that the IIEC is not being run as many kenyans would wish. There is massive favoritism in the commission with lack of uniformity in certain operations especially those directly dealing at the constituency level. Central province is most affected in which commissioner Winne Guc

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Mtandao wa Internews-Ushahidi
You have a right to know your rights . Do you know that you have a right to know your ri

Citizens Demand Action. This was a peaceful demonstration following the

Water,a major challenge in informal settlements. Poor governance in the water services provisio

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