About the Free & Fair Media Program

The Internews Free and Fair Media (FFM) program recognises the tacit role the media played in the build up to the 2007 election violence. The Free and Fair media programme seeks to promote a journalism culture that is keen on entrenching democratic and responsible elections; a journalism that caters for the voters' needs and expectations.

Started in August 2011, the intensive training program benefits all players in the media industry. Reporters, producers and editors delve into understanding election laws, analyzing results, packaging informed and comprehensive coverage, and following up on the implementation of the Constitution. A mentoring relationship is established with all trainees, ensuring guidance about pertinent issues related to the electoral process and to the Kenyan people.


Efforts are focused on 15 mainstream print, television and radio outlets which have the widest audience and influence in Kenya. Partnerships also include key state institutions such as the electoral commission, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) and the Ministry of Information. The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) represents another key partner with regards to self regulation of election coverage.




Internews has designed the following media and election training activities:

  • 1) Understanding and reporting professionally on the electoral process: this will involve workshop on the following topics;

    • Knowing the Election Laws
    • Interviewing Politicians
    • Editorial Leadership / Programming Balanced Coverage
    • Campaign Coverage
    • Voting Day Coverage / Results Analysis
    • Election Follow-up

    All workshops are followed by;

    • Field mentoring
    • Travel Stipends to encourage wider and in-depth election coverage

  • 2) Identifying and avoiding hate speech in the media

    • Media Monitoring Training for NCIC
    • NCIC / Media Roundtable Events
    • Citizen Watchdogs
    • Publication of Regular Monitoring Reports

  • 3) Using polling data in an effective and legitimate way

    • Polling Data Workshops
    • Revamping the Code of Conduct for Election Coverage
    • Regulation Conference and Handbook on Code of Conduct

  • 4) Mitigating conflicts of interest arising from media ownership

    • Commissioned Research on Ownership of Media Houses
    • Kenya Media Map
    • Media Ownership Roundtables

Media Resource Centres

Journalists in this project will have continual access to the Internews Media Resource Centres (MRCs) in Nairobi and Eldoret.

The MRCs offer the following:

  • Reliable internet access
  • Studio and editing facilities
  • Field equipment; Cameras, recorders etc
  • Ad-hoc personal support on story production, writing and generation of ideas.

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