Classroom in Cyberspace

Goodbye dusty chalk boards and the attendance register. Hello classroom of the World Wide Web? The trend towards E-learning has gained popularity internationally, because it allows the learner to access knowledge and submit assignments in his or her own time. E-learning is now also a reality at Internews Kenya, where our E-learning platform was launched recently.

“The Internews E-learning programme is structured as a mini liberal arts course with an emphasis on health [journalism], says Dr. George Gathigi facilitator of the E-learning course, “It introduces learners to broad concepts that include health journalism, communication, language, culture, critical thinking, research methods and writing skills.”
The E-learning program offers comprehensive materials and activities on different modules. It also allows the user to have one on one interaction with a facilitator and other students.

“I gained something from the assignment on translation. I used to interview people like in another language and I take for granted their culture and background when translating”, says Kiundu Waweru E-learning participant and features writer for the Standard newspaper.
The course is currently being taken by 16 practicing journalists from different media houses in the country.

What is E-learning?