Unveiling WriteSpot..the right place to be

NAIROBI, 30 March 2011
Being a journalist is often about being in the right place at the right time.
Internews in Kenya has spent some time to make the Media Resource Center a better place: all the same goodies are still there, but now there's more:

  • More computers with editing software, for journalists to do online research and file stories
  • A brand new audio studio for quality recordings and back-up service
  • A more interactive archiving and search system, allowing quick requests to the Centre's assistants
  • Digitised media clippings accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Stills and TV cameras on loan to trainees and TV editing facilities
  • Intensive mentoring support from trainers

Now called, it's the

to get access to all the tools and advice a journalist needs to make his or her story the best it can be.

Brand new website too!

This week we are also launching the website for Internews in Kenya. See internewske.org
It is filled with stories about our work in Land and Conflict Journalism and Health Journalism Training and stories about our trainees and their achievements. Find out about upcoming workshops, roundtables, travel grants and fellowships, visit our Ushahidi site (Mtandao wa Internews) and be inspired to write more and better stories. 
The website will evolve with the input of its users - the WriteSpot journalists.
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Meet the team behind the scenes at WriteSpot and the new website:

Baron Shitemi
WriteSpot Assistant Democracy and Governance Project.
Mark Irungu
Web Applications Developer
Benson Murigi
Writspot Assistant Health Project

For more information, contact Ida Jooste on 0720 953 765 or [email protected]