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Monday, 17 Jun 2013

Call for Applications- 2013 Internews Health Journalism Fellowship

About fellowship
Print and TV journalists, infographics designers and developers interested in broadening their understanding of the emerging field of data journalism and retooling their storytelling skills are invited to apply for a health data journalism fellowship at Internews in Kenya.

The 16-week long fellowship, which will commence on 1 August 2013, is designed to equip journalists, infographics designers and developers with new skill sets to produce data driven long-form stories on health issues.

Fellows will get an opportunity to learn how to access, mine, analyze and visualize data using digital tools. They will also gain an appreciation of interconnections in data - with the ultimate aim of unearthing stories buried in data.

The fellowship, which will explore reporting on malaria, family planning, maternal and child health, and HIV, offers mid-career broadcast and print journalists an opportunity to take time out from the newsroom to enhance and polish their health and data journalism skills while engaging in high quality, high impact health journalism.

As a practical and customised programme, this fellowship focuses on both craft and content. Through one-on-one mentoring, discussions with top data journalists, travel grants, as well as interactions with health experts, policy makers and communities, fellows will be grounded in the principles of health and data journalism. They will also develop story sources and ideas and the capacity to examine the health, cultural, socio-economic, and cultural ramifications of major public health issues.

Fellows will also be exposed to new digital and social media trends, including multimedia storytelling.
The journalists will be required to produce data driven TV and print longform stories during the fellowship and after - to be printed and published in their news outlets.

It is expected that the fellowships will significantly build the skills of successful candidates and will provide tangible benefits for the newsrooms to which fellows will return. They will be able to see stories in data, investigate links between issues, and ultimately present their findings in a compelling and audience -friendly manner -thereby enriching their news outlets with a competitive edge.

Who should apply?
The fellowship is open to TV and print journalists as well as inforgraphics designers and developers with at least three years’ experience working for or contributing to mainstream media in Kenya. Applicants should be able to demonstrate a deep interest in health and investigative journalism.
Fellows will be selected largely on the basis of previous work and the applicant's demonstrated commitment to health and data journalism.

During the course of the fellowship, fellows will be given grants to cover travel and research costs relating to specific topics of their choice for broadcast and publication in their media houses.
The fellows are expected to negotiate for permission for time away from their places of work. Fellows will receive a stipend of Sh400,000 for the duration of the fellowship.

How to apply
To be considered, send the following items to Trudy Mbaluku ([email protected]) or hand-deliver to Internews in Kenya offices on the 13th floor of I&M Building on Kenyatta Avenue:

  • A cover letter describing your reasons for applying, qualifications and career goals.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • A personal statement detailing your experiences, why you qualify for the fellowship and what you aim to accomplish if you are awarded the fellowship. Include specific topics you would like to explore.
  • Details of previous awards or fellowships.
  • At least three samples of health stories published or broadcast.
  • Two letters of support, one from a senior editor and another from a referee familiar with your work. Freelance journalists should send a letter of support from an editor or producer familiar with their recent work

The deadline for application is 12:00 p.m., 11 July, 2013.

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