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Date Posted : Friday, 01 Mar 2013

By Florence Dzame and Trudy Mbaluku

“If we started using data 60 years ago to inform our policies and programs, Kenya would be a developed nation now,” said the Information and Communication PS Bitange Ndemo, at a data discussion recently.

Presidential candidates were held accountable for the health promises they made in their manifestos and first presidential debate at the event dubbed Politics of Health.

Internews in Kenya shared the results of an audit of the promises and data journalism tools that will enable journalists to fact-check the promises. The tools will also enable journalists to reality-check other pre-election promises and to track post-election performance.

Dr. Ndemo praised Internews for launching a health data portal.

One of the panelists, The Standard Editor Gatonye Gathura, said telling stories using data can distinguish a journalist from their peers.  “Data helps you ask the so what questions,” he said.

Participants at the roundtable s focused on the challenges facing the health sector.

The over 50 journalists present interrogated the parties on their promises.

A journalist with K24 Violent Otindo said she got many story ideas from the event.

A senior investigative journalist with The Standard Dann Okoth said finding data has always been a challenge and he planned to use the portal regularly.

Follow the discussion below on the event by citizen journalists.