Dann Okoth

Dann Okoth is an investigative writer with the Standard Newspaper. His passion for the written word started when other boys his age were dissecting insects and chasing butterflies.

“I started reading in class two,” said Dann Okoth, “I read everything I came across. I even borrowed newspapers from our neighbors.”
In high school he started writing for the school newspaper and it wasn’t long before he became the editor. His first published article was a letter to the editor he had written on riots that were happening in Nairobi. After that, the newspaper, The Standard, hired him to become a correspondent.

His first investigative piece was on child pedophiles in Mombasa. The story landed him in court. The lawyer representing the suspect pedophile accused him of reporting on a case that had already been filed.  He was charged of contempt of court but the case was dismissed because it turned out not to be true.
“It is challenging when it comes to investigative journalism because evil does not want to be exposed.”

Dann has worked with various publications including Working Woman and Drs. News East Africa. He was one of the three Internews 2011 Health Journalism fellows.

A story Dann did during the fellowship was the overall winner of 2011 Storyfest

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