Even as politicians and the Government call on Kenyans to maintain peace during this election period, Kenyans must examine the thinking that seems to suggest that elections make people violent.

Evidence gathered over the last 20 years suggests that violence is deeply rooted in the country. It is a fact that Kenyans have to come to terms with. It is evident that violence is prevalent in the country whether there is an election or not.

Internews in Kenya analyzed data, which reveals that causes of violence are as diverse as they are important.

Conflict prone areas in Kenya

Across Kenya there are many fundamental issues that may cause violence even in the absence of polls.

Death by gunshots

Of the over 1,100 Kenyans who died during the 2007-08 post-election violence, 405 succumbed to...

History of poll violence in Kenya

Internews Data Portal History of poll violence in Kenya