Malnutrition is an underlying cause of more than one-third of under- five deaths worldwide. Additionally, it prevents millions of children around the world from reaching their full potential.

Unfortunately, it is a killer condition that flies under the radar of many public health officials. Many children continue to suffer and die from its effects. This shouldn’t be so. With better eating habits, parents can save the lives of their children and give them a better shot at fulfilling their potential. For less than Sh380 a week, a parent can provide a nutritious meal for a baby aged between six months and one year.

Although one in five children under five in Kenya are underweight and one in three are stunted, the problem does not receive much attention because the signs of the condition are invisible until it becomes acute.

A review of data reveals that while the consequences of malnutrition are permanent, some of the effective ways to prevent it are simple. They include measures such as exclusive breastfeeding of babies until they are six months old and a balanced diet from the start of a woman’s pregnancy to a child’s second birthday.

The killer no one suspects

Malnutrition is a brutal condition that undermines progress for children.

Food for Thought

The effects of malnutrition often permanent.

Mother nature knows best

Breastfeeding is the best way to give a child a healthy start in life.

Nutrition and pregnancy

A malnourished woman is more likely to experience pregnancy related complications and to give birth...

Malnutrition in Kenya

There are great regional inequalities in the rate of child malnutrition in Kenya.

Socioeconomics of malnutrition

A mother’s education and wealth have an inverse relationship with malnutrition level.

East Africa’s scorecard

The rate of child malnutrition in East Africa is high.

Food choices

It does not cost a fortune to give your baby a balanced diet

Reducing malnutrition

With better eating habits, parents can save the lives of their children and give them a better shot...